Farmers first, proud of our profession, our deepest wish is to share it cultivating the tradition of the peasant’s welcome and conviviality.

Welcoming you in the heart of our farms, we have chosen to encourage sharing and proximity, to take the time to meet each other, to make you discover our culture and heritage and to share with you the products of our terroir.

Working the land and the nature, respecting and preserving it because it’s our source of life, we offer you a return to the roots, to revitalise yourself, to rediscover yourself and your family.

We recognize ourselves in a human faced tourism at the right price, where quality rimes with well-being. We care you can simply be guided by your senses, because feeling comfortable with us, it’s natural!

Our stays aim to share with you the richness of the Breton’s territory, the diversity of its Nature, its amazing landscapes. Must of all, we offer an immersion in an authentic region, encouraging meetings and sharing with the local people, their habits, their traditions. We aim to convert you in a new adopted Breton, and not only the spectator of your stay.

If you come back with the need to come back, then we’ll have fully assumed our mission.

Terres de Bretagne is a registered trade mark of Bienvenue à la ferme.

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